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MadCow 3

2008-03-21 10:40:01 by Norton3000

I will make another sequel to the MadCow series, but I have no idea when it'll be ready (i haven't even started yet). If you have any suggestions, I am more than happy to hear them!

MadCow 2 is out!

2008-03-18 16:20:25 by Norton3000

Go play it now!

New game!

2008-03-16 14:47:19 by Norton3000

I know I wasn't supposed to make another, but I did. :P

Check it out!

No more games coming

2008-03-04 14:03:35 by Norton3000

I got sick of Flash (and some people in here too) so I'm not going to make any more games. Sorry!

New Game!

2008-02-24 15:21:35 by Norton3000

I have released a new game! Make sure you vote!

New game coming (someday..)

2008-02-11 09:07:55 by Norton3000

As some of you might know I'm working on a new game called "The New Dawn". It might take me a while to make the story and other stuff, but the engine is almost ready.

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